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One day online chess tournament


Tournament System The tournament shall be conducted as a Swiss System competition of 4 rounds depending on the Number of Participants. Fair Play Rules: 1. Players may play only on a laptop or desktop and log into Zoom with their name. 2. During a game, a player may leave the playing area or the playing venue only with the permission of the Arbiter. 3. Each playing area must be monitored by cameras. 4. Unless authorized by the arbiter, it is forbidden for anybody to use a mobile phone or any kind of communication device in the playing area. 5. The Arbiter should see that each player is connected to Zoom. The audio should be open. It is not allowed for players to use headphones or virtual Zoom background. The playing area should be well lit. There should be no external noise. 6. The virtual chessboard and virtual chess clock remain the definitive record of the game. 7. All the players agree that they have no right to appeal the aforementioned actions either through arbitration, consultation or in a court of law within any jurisdiction. 8. Participants have no right to appeal for pairings made during the Tournament. 9. The Chief has the right to change the schedule, update the regulations or decide for any matter that is not mentioned in the current regulations. 10. No other website, application, or software can be open on the playing device except Zoom and Lichess. 11. If required or asked by Arbiter, players should share their screen in Zoom. All participants shall comply and co-operate with the Fair Play rules. Players may be removed from the Tournament at any time by the Arbiter based on fair play rules. Since this is an online tournament, tournament play relies on the honor system. Time Control: The time control is 10 minutes per player. Pairings: Swiss pairings shall be made on Lichess. The highest-ranked shall receive White in the first round. Pairings will be published on (tournament page) as soon as possible after each round unless there are pending appeals. All players should complete the tournament. Prizes: All participants will receive a participation certificate. Schedule: Players should log in to Zoom 15 min before the start of the tournament. Registration: Registration Fees - FREE Lichess link: Tournament code: advantagechess Date: Sunday, Feb 6, 2022 Time: Los Angeles (PST) : 9.00 AM New York (EST) : 12.00 NOON New Delhi (IST) : 10.30 PM Organized by: AdvantageChess

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