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 "Chess is the gymnasium of the mind."

Blaise Pascal

Chess is not just a  board game; but a game that develops perspective, improves memory, increases intelligence and deepens focus.

AdvantageChess leverages the digital platform and offers online chess program for varied levels.

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Irving Chernev said - "Every chess master was once a beginner."

AdvantageChess offers  programs for  beginners , intermediate and  advanced levels .

In our own simple ways we are always there to ensure a fun and safe experience for all kids.


For continuous improvement,  we are open to suggestions and special requests. 


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Beginner 1 & 2

  • Chess Basics

  • Rules of the Game

  • Simple End Game Strategies

  • General Opening Theory

  • Puzzles

  • Course notes (wherever applicable)

  • Assessment (if required)

Intermediate 1 & 2

  • Chess Intermediate Concepts

  • Chess Tournament Rules

  • Chess Openings

  • Middle Game Strategies

  • End Game Strategies

  • Puzzles

  • Course notes (wherever applicable)

  • Assessment



“My daughter loves learning from Namita. Namita is extremely patient and my daughter, O, was her youngest student (4 years) when she started. I am amazed seeing how much O has improved in just 4 months. Namita is a wonderful teacher and I’m happy to have found her. I highly recommend her as a chess teacher. She makes learning fun for kids and adults.”

Avanti, O's mom