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AdvantageChess offers  programs for  beginners, intermediate and  advanced levels .

In our own simple ways we are always there to ensure a fun and safe experience for all kids.


For continuous improvement,  we are open to suggestions and special requests.

Contact us to learn more about all our programs.


Beginner 1 & 2

  • Chess Basics

  • Rules of the Game

  • Simple End Game Strategies

  • General Opening Theory

  • Puzzles

  • Course notes (wherever applicable)

  • Assessment (if required)


Intermediate 1 & 2

  • Chess Intermediate Concepts

  • Chess Tournament Rules

  • Chess Openings

  • Middle Game Strategies

  • End Game Strategies

  • Puzzles

  • Course notes (wherever applicable)

  • Assessment (if required)

Chess Programs


Hi there, I’m Namita.


The main reason I am a chess coach today is because I have been a chess player since my childhood. It is indeed a great achievement to see the kids learn about the game, flourish and develop sportsmanship in them right from a very young age.


  • Indian National Player

  • Received first rating at the age of 13 years

  • Career best rating 2105

  • Masters degree (MBA)

  • Working professional with more than 10 years experience  in  different industries in USA and India.

  • Currently pursuing the passion & a full time chess coach


English, Marathi, Hindi

About Me


The game of chess is not merely an idle amusement. 
Several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired or strengthened by it


Playing chess has many overall benefits.

  • Chess promotes concentration span and develops memory.

  • Chess is a game of calculations, and hence helps in math.

  • Chess is a game which involves logic and strategy.

  • Chess always helps you to think ahead of the situation (calculating few moves ahead).

  • Chess also fosters better planning, decision making, and problem solving skills.

  • Chess improves hand-eye coordination.

Teaching experience in this game requires utmost patience, which can be demonstrated during Namita's classes. Namita tries her best to reach out to the students by using the latest technology to teach chess, such as video conference, analysing online chess games played by students, online self created puzzles, tools from, online notes.


For more information about Advantage Chess, our programs, activities, staff, and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

+1 - 408 - 669 - 7087

+1 - 810 - 265 - 6278

+91 - 98904 - 25757

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