Welcome to Advantage Chess, offered by Dennis A. Myers and Associates

"Improving the Mind One Move at a Time."

Here at Advantage Chess, we believe in fostering the growth of our students. We believe that chess has something to offer every student and that every child deserves to experience the wonder and excitement of this classic brain game. Whether your son joins to fuel his competitive nature or your daughter has decided to try something new, we are thrilled that you have chosen us to expand your precious child's mind, and given us an opportunity to show you a contemporary spin on something ageless. 

Dennis A. Myers is a private chess coach of over 16 years, and a scholastic instructor of 13. Dennis earned an Expert rating during his 41 years of playing experience. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley in Social Welfare and a Masters of Social Work degree from San Francisco State University. Dennis has dedicated 24 years of his working career to the County of San Mateo, supervising adult and youth programs before officially launching Advantage Chess to accommodate a growing demand for chess services in the Bay Area.

Playing chess fosters benefits that include problem-solving and strategy. Lesser known appeals are life-long skills transferable to daily life, such as logic and a unique creative process in each player.  

Dennis dedicates much of his life to teaching.  When asked what drives this passion, Dennis replies, "I love to see the light go on in my students when they accomplish more than they thought they could. The smiles are contagious. My proudest moments are when I see students of the game build their self-confidence and self-esteem in all areas of their lives."

Mathia has worked with Advantage Chess as a chess instructor for almost three years. She was previously a private academic tutor, and has since expanded her scope to include private chess tutoring. She competed in tournaments in the early 2000s. She is a business student and holds an Associate of Arts degree in Social Science. 

 When asked what makes chess a meaningful activity, Mathia answers, "Chess is an amazing way to foster learning and creativity. My mom taught me how to play when I was six or seven, and I haven't stopped since. Chess allowed me to imagine new ways to win that I couldn't explain with a formula when I was younger. I've learned, after working with Dennis, that the strategies I came up with can be learned and taught in a classroom setting. But chess is more than just a set of strategies. I learned to think out of the box, and I pushed myself mentally to get better at chess. Chess grants the opportunity to every child, to learn how to think without limits."